An installation that translates the surroundings into sound

The audioscope was made for the spring exhibition at Mayhem, and it was made by Oppe om natten: Simon B. Nielsen and Anders Børup.

The audioscope creates soundscapes in multiple variations. The soundscapes change when you point the audioscope to a new spot in the room. On the spring exhibition, it could be used to listen to the many visual art pieces – thus giving visual art a voice.

The soundscapes were generated by mixing, pitching and granulating different audio sources – all with a connection to the concept of communication. (Dogs howling, modems making noise, religious readings (gasp!) and more).

The soundscapes produced bu the audioscope are clearly formed from audio sources chosen by us. So, this time, the audioscope didn’t aim at translating the visual art in the room, but rather interpreting the visual art – interpretations that take the offspring in the theme ‘communication’. Next time, it might be interesting to include audio from the room or even audio from the visual artist.

Simon B. Nielsen made the interpretations of light in Processing and the data was sent to Bidule that I used to mix and mangle the sounds, linking the data to different parameters.


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