La petite mort

Erotic sounddesign for the app La petite morte

Patrick Jarnfelt and Andrea Hasselager from Loveable Hat Cult asked Nevin Erönde, Anders Børup, Sidsel Hermansen, Morten Mygind and me to make music for an erotic app.

Sound design difficulties

After creating quite an explicit sound design with Stefani Wisting as voice of the climax sounds, I was told that we couldn’t be too explicit because Apple wouldn’t accept that. Hmm, ok. I then disguised the voice by running it through a synth tracker and adding multiple effects. It actually turned out to be quite difficult to remove the randiness of it all, because the prosody of Stefani’s voice – even in the form of a sinus wave synth.

Erotic narration

The game lets the user rub the screen until a climax is reached. The sound design reflects the curve of excitement – with rhythm and with prosody and moaning. I really wanted to create a sound design to make the players of the game straight forward horny – even though I had to disguise the voice of Stefani.


Well, Apple turned out to reject the game/experience. How strange that a company selling phones to the entire world would want us restrict us from experiencing natural desire. Sad, actually.

The app is available for Android in the Google Play Store and here is a taste of a climax for you:

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