Visuals for Kosmik Klok

Visuals from piano keys and a modular setup


Plantekoncerter med Bo Thorning & Anders Børup

Visuals for Christian Rønn

Visuals from piano keys and a modular setup

Solo in Brønshøj Vandtårn

Improvised solo in a water tower

Music videos

Visuals for Improvised music

To be a whale

Vocal sound design for the game To be a Whale


Feedback visuals for feedback audio

The Divided Line

Sound design for a scary laser game

Idiots Attack the Top Noodle

Sound design for a zombie/brain game


Voice/fx improvisations with Randi Pontoppidan

Slowmo Showdown

Sound design for a kinect game

Tikkiit at Nordic Game Jam

Creating sounds for the game Tikkiit at Nordic Game Jam 2011

Exile II Art Experience

a not-so-gamish game at Exile Game Jam 2010

La petite mort

Erotic sounddesign for the app La petite morte


An installation that translates the surroundings into sound

Machine music workshops

Creating music from everyday surroundings


Voice activated loop system

Circuit bend workshops

Modify your sound toys and make them scream for mercy!

Press ‘X’ to give up

Sound design for a glitchy game about bullfighting.