Feedback visuals for feedback audio

I was invited by Mads Bech Paluszewski-Hau (Obernkarbi) to create feedback visuals for his electroacoustic feedback. First, we ran a test in a basement in Amager, then, we made a performance in Trondheim at the famous Klubb Kanin.

My feedback visuals are manually adusted during but also connected to the live audio feedback created by Mads. It’s a classic setup with both infrared and ordinary cameras, and it interacts with a projection of the original feedback project in an old seed mill in Estonia.

Here is a teaser from the basement followed by Mads’ own description.

Mads Bech Paluszexski-Hau writes:
Approximately this time last year, I had a grand conceptualisation of a composition build on a basic electroacoustic feedback idea poured over the decaying industrial structures and objects in our landscapes.

Luckily, this idea received a generous development grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers which has made it possible for me to travel to some fantastic locations and capture some of the most outstanding sound-interventions I’ve ever done.

Also, I’ve been blessed with cooperations of some of my favourite partners in crime, making this possible, and now I stand at the final peak: A performance showcasing the final results at the 20th anniversary celebration event of Klubb Kanin in Trondheim. Accompanied by Anders Børup on visual feedback, we will animate an acoustic and visually feedbacking portal to an old seedmill factory in southeastern Estonia.


This wouldn’t have been able without some very special friends of mine, so here it goes. XX to Juuso Paaso for bringing his spade into the mix, John Grzinich for capturing the mix, Tobias Kiel Lauesen for editing the mix, and Anders Børup for feeding the mix.

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