To be a whale

Vocal sound design for the game To be a Whale

Randi Pontoppidan and I are making the sound design for a great whale game: To be a Whale.

It’s a game about being a whale. Controls are quite special since you can only write commands for the whale and compile small scripts to fire multiple actions.

The sound design is special because we work exclusively with live vocals and effects. All sounds in the game are created from live sessions where we create improvised soundscape compositions using only our voices and live effect tweaking. This creates an interesting opportunity to balance the sound design between imitated field recordings and abstract sounds with a human core that engages the listener emotionally.

The sound design aims at creating:

  • evocative soundscapes that mimics underwater scenarios
  • player signifiers to help navigating the underwater world
  • new, magical abstractions to intensify the feeling of a grand, unknown void where everything can happen

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