Idiots Attack the Top Noodle

Sound design for a zombie/brain game

On Exile Game Jam 2012, I took part in creating a brain scanner game: one brainy player against plenty of stupid player. The top noodle wears a brain scanner and must concentrate to build up power in order to eliminate the stupid players one by one. The stupid players must move slowly towards the top noodle and try to catch him/her.

The game was made by Julian Hansen, Patrick Jarnfelt, Amani Naseem, Ida Marie Toft, Simon Wallner and me. Read a more elaborate description on Copenhagen Game Collective.

I had a lot of fun making stupid human voices and clever, slightly computerish brain sounds/talk.I also made a theme composition that plays in the background while playing the game in order to set the mood to something not so pleasant.

Once again on the Exile Game Jam on Vallekilde Højskole, I managed to make all sounds in the music piece from recordings in the ceramics workshop. It is one ofmy favourite places to be with a microphone and a pair of mallets (I didn’t break anything, really, trust me).

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