Voice activated loop system

Vogelkop coffee house opened its doors with a two days festival and I was invited to join with a song performance. That was a chance to try out the Mouth2MIDI song system.

The Mouth2MIDI system

The song system records and plays loops of the sound input. Eight different notes/frequency ranges triggers eight different loops. This way, I don’t have to worry about controlling the system with buttons, and I don’t have to be preoccupied with thoughts about when I should start recording/playing a loop.

I more or less control the system with my voice, but it also just runs by itself in a very organic and inspiring way – leaving me to listen and play. Somehow, using the Mouth2MIDI song system feels both like a battle and a dialogue with myself.

The system is made in Bidule, and it’s a pretty simple setup. The loop machinery is maintained bby the brilliant loop plugin Möbius.

First system test
Listen to Satans Sorg – the first test of Mouth2MIDI v. 0.2

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