Circuit bend workshops

Modify your sound toys and make them scream for mercy!

CEO Bend-O-Rama: The only circuit bend orchestra in Europe (right?). We have created many workshops and played many concerts. Here are a few examples:

Mads Paluszewski-Hau and I were invited to make a circuit bending workshop at Roskilde Festival 2011. We used many hours with happy men, women and children bending a great selection of toys. I don’t know why, but most people didn’t expect the finished circuit bend to be theirs, so it was great pleasure to see the people happily wandering off with mean noise machines in their hands.

The workshop was very relaxed – though quite busy – and the people who participated almost all possesed great patience finding a proper short circuit on the toys.

The circuit band CEO Bend-O-Rama were invited to make a two days workshop for children – and so we did.

By the aid of the band members, children in the age of 7-14 converted boring one-trick, battery-driven music toys to mean noise machines and played a small concert before the day was over.

We had two quite busy days with hard work and wonderful children.

See also DR’s description of the workshop (in Danish).

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