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Sound design for a glitchy game about bullfighting.

I am a lucky man.

At Nordic Game Jam 2013, Jonatan Van Hove asked me casually if I wanted to make sound for the game he was making together with a group of great people. It was Saturday evening, and I was very grateful for this chance because I hadn’t found a project to join.

So, the game had bullfighting, a couple of surprise endings, great pixel art and plenty of glitches. I tried to make the sound and music be computerish in an old fashioned C64 way but also grand and majestical – like bullfighters. With the a few corrections from Bram (leading to the use of an old record with brass music), it all turned out pretty good. It’s funny how the ‘quick and dirty’ method can sometimes get the job done so well because you just dive into the matter without thinking too much about it.

I was told later on that the team couldn’t quite see how my sounds could work with the game, but once they were implemented it all came together. The feedback I got from the team and the audience has been overwhelming.

The game turned out great: it looks fantastic, the game play is just right, the glitches are beautiful, and the story is meaningful.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this!
The thanks go out to:

#Bram Michielsen who did story, and has a web comic A song Called City
#Henrike Lode who did art, and has worked on Machineers.
#Jonas Maaloe who did concept and touchups LAZA KNITEZ!!
#Jonatan Van Hove who did programming, and has also worked on LAZA KNITEZ!!
#Mads Johansen who did programming, and has worked on LAZA KNITEZ!!


Play the game here:
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