Tikkiit at Nordic Game Jam

Creating sounds for the game Tikkiit at Nordic Game Jam 2011

I had the great privilege of creating sounds for the game Tikkiit at Nordic Game Jam 2011. The game was created by Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas), Steffi Degiorgio and Sidsel Marie Hermansen. Sidsel made different  soundscapes for the game and I made all the little action sounds. The game is a life simulator. Before starting the simulator, you can tweak lots of different parameters – creature lifespan, time of egg hatching, plants, number of different species, and so on. Steffi made the wonderful creatures and the graphics in general, and Nicklas put it all together in a game engine – working like a creative tornado as always.

It immediately became clear to me that this game could also work as a great soundsacape generator – Sidsel’s drones were connected to the different species and my sounds were triggered by the different events in the simulation. So, apart from being really interesting to play with and watch , it’s also something you could put on a glass telephone (or ‘smartphone’ if you will…) and use while travelling. Twiddle sliders with parameters, put on your headphones, start the simulation and lean back and enjoy the unique soundscape. It might even be enjoyable to try to figure out how long time the soundscape will last in order to time it perfectly to your travel time.

I managed to make all the sounds from recordings I made on the IT-University while the Game Jam was on. I went by Steffi to see her creature designs, copied them in my notebook and then went out to find and produce fitting sounds for them. Steffi – I would fully enjoy making sounds to your drawings some other time.


Download the game from the Global Game Jam webpage.

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