Exile II Art Experience

a not-so-gamish game at Exile Game Jam 2010


Simon Nielsen and I made a not-so-gamish game at Exile Game Jam 2010. The idea was to be able to explore a world and make soundscapes from the objects you find. It turned out good and was surprisingly popular with the many games at the Game Jam. The sounds used in the game were all recorded on the premises of the Exile Game Jam, namely Vallekilde fold high school – except for one important sound: the creaky door which is recorded at Ryslinge højskole.

Simon made the whole game engine and graphics (apart from a few simple objects that I made) in Blender. All sorts of data was then passed on through OSC from Blender to Bidule that I programmed to respond with the right sounds and sound settings. For instance there is a pitch object that can be picked up and placed close to other objects in order to vary the pitch of the objects’ sound.

Take a look at the video to see what’s going on.


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